相馬 千尋  

Chihiro Soma 

現在は、昔から好きなブラックアイテムでまとめた都会的なスタイルを基盤に、ハワイらしさも兼ね備えた、自分なりの都会とリゾートのバランスの取れたスタイルを確立し、'Ele'Ele Collectionを立ち上げる。
Born July, 1977. Tokyo. Living in Hawaii. Mother of two.
In my single days, I flew the world as a flight attendant at Japan Airlines. I sought to find my very own fashion style by drawing on the inspiration I got from the people I met. In 2003 I got married and moved to Hawaii. I was blessed with two children.  It was around that time that I started to focus on making made to order styles that accentuated the individuality of the client. but had a difficult time adapting to life in the islands. I found happiness in hand making clothes and accessories for my children. Enjoying fashion every day is what enriches my life in Hawaii. Currently, I am focusing on a collection of styles centered around modern black items that convey the spirit of Hawaii. I seek to establish a personal balance between urban and resort themes.


相馬 クリスティーン 光花

Michika Christine Soma

2004年3月生まれ。16歳。オアフ島出身。日系三世。幼少期を北カリフォルニアで過ごす。小さい頃からアートや洋裁が好きで、10歳の時に初めて母の誕生日プレゼントにワンピースを縫う。12歳の時の日本人学校の卒業式には自分で作ったドレスを着て出席。同年に、Hawaii Convention Center主催の Student Art Exhibition2016でハワイ州教育省から表彰を受ける。得意分野はデジダルアートと油絵、水彩画。
Born on March 2004, she is 16 years old.  Born on Oahu.  Japanese Sansei.  She spent her early childhood in Northern California.  Her artisitic interests include digital art, oil painting, watercolor and also dressmaking.  One of her watercolor pieces was awarded by the Hawaii Department of Education at the Student Art Exhibition 2016 hosted at the Hawaii Convention Center.  She enjoys making dresses for friends and family members on special occasions.